What to look for on your Roof and/or Siding:

Wind Damage

One of the most obvious types of Storm Damage to recognize is damage caused by high speed straight-line winds and tornados.  It is also the most difficult and tricky types of damage to assess for your insurance company.  Each insurance company has different rules governing wind damage coverage and we have met hundreds of homeowners that we paid out for minor repairs when they could have been compensated for full roof or siding replacements if they had an experienced contractor helping with their claim.

Hail Damage

Hail damage can be one of the trickiest and most difficult types of storm damage to spot. Unlike wind damage that is apparent immediately, in most cases, hail damage can only be spotted by someone who is on the roof and very rarely visible when viewing from the ground. However there are signs or as your insurance company calls, Collateral Damage that you can look for.  Damage caused by hail to gutters, downspouts, metal siding and fascia can be recognized from the ground however it sometimes takes a sharp eye to notice the damage and years of experience assessing hail damage to determine what dings and dents are caused by hail stones and which ones were not.

At American Modern Exteriors, we have the experience and knowledge to inspect your property, recognize the all the damage and help work with you insurance company to ensure they cover every item and aspect that has been damage. We also will go over with you what we are looking for and what the difference is between each type of storm related damage.   

Need help navigating your insurance claim or are you curious as to what you can expect during your insurance claim process? Please check out our Step By Step Claims Process or give us a call at (920) 687-5605 today!

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